VAO & VLAO 2022 - T99 Cup: VGS Travel sponsors HIO with total value of 351,200.000 VND

The T99 Vietnam Amateur Series 2022 have kicked off. Accompanying the VAO & VLAO tournaments of the series, VGS Travel is pleased to become the sponsor of HIO prizes, with a total value of 351,200.000 VND. These awards will give winning golfers opportunities to explore the land of the UK and Scotland—the place known as “the home of golf”.

After the 2021 series was canceled, the Vietnam Amateur Open series presented by T99 will officially return and open in July at Vinpearl Golf Hai Phong. Specifically, the Vietnam Amateur Open presented by T99 (VAO 2022) will be held from July 21 to 24, and the Vietnam Ladies Amateur Open presented by T99 (VLAO 2022) will be held from July 21 to 23.

VGS Travel sponsors HIO prizes with a total value of 351,200,000 VND

In an effort to boost the excitement of competitors, VGS Travel is honored to be a sponsor accompanying VAO and VLAO 2022. The company introduces the HIO Award - a golf tour package: United Kingdom & Scotland—the places known as the homeland of golf. The total value of the 2 HIO prizes is 351,200,000 VND.

In detail, each HIO prize is worth 175,600,000 VND and is awarded to the FIRST HIO winner at hole #4 or hole #13.

The 4th Hole Par-3

The 13th Hole Par-3

The golf tour "UK & Scotland: Back to the Homeland of Golf" is one of the best-selling packages offered by VGS Travel. The package provides a journey to discover attractive destinations and world-class golf courses in the UK and Scotland—the "cradle" of the golf world, which every golf enthusiast desires to visit at least once. In particular, with this golf package, VGS Travel also meticulously built an impressive itinerary, bringing golfers to the legendary Old Course (St. Andrews)—the wish of every golfer.

VGS Travel is Vietnam's first tour operator to pioneer in providing professional and high-class international golf tour packages, bringing an exquisite experience to each trip to fulfill every golfer's dream of swinging their clubs around the world. All golf tours offered by VGS Travel are classy and deluxe experiences tailored specifically for golfers. The golf courses included in the itinerary all have leading standards or reputations in the region. High-quality catering and lodging are always guaranteed to meet 4 and 5-star standards.

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